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Short Bio ~CHERYL MURNANE lives in a suburb of Boston with her husband, two children, and dog, Bella. She is also the author of her debut novel During the Fall. As a practitioner of yoga, she lives a disciplined life, balanced by faith and family, and she believes that everything happens for reasons we may not always understand. 

Long Bio ~CHERYL MURNANE lives in a suburb of Boston with her husband, two children, and dog, Bella. When not working on her next book, you can find her behind the styling chair at her salon, Accents on Hair, or juggling her children’s after school activities.  

After a single semester of college, Cheryl chose to step off the more traditional path and pursue her own individual approach to life. She acknowledged the authenticity of her inner self and has used her intuition to help deepen her connection to her more artistic side. She combines her creativity and artistic connection with her passion for people through 25+ years of hair styling and writing.  

Cheryl has written daily in journals, but she wanted to challenge herself with writing her first novel and “During the Fall" was born. Having completed the life-long goal, Cheryl loved the writing process.  

As a practitioner of yoga, Cheryl tries to live a disciplined life balanced by faith and family. Cheryl loves to be outdoors; running, walking the dog, playing with the kids, or spending time tending to her perennial flower garden.

 Interview Questions:

~When did you know you wanted to become an author?

                From an early age I loved to express myself with words. I felt I could be honest, express and share my feelings and emotions more freely than if I was to speak. My favorite classes in high school were English and communications!

~How long did it take you to write During the Fall?

                I started writing it in May 2013, with no outline just ideas and my laptop. I finalized it in January before sending it to be edited. I wrote between the hours on 1pm-3pm when my kids were in school. As the process became more involved I dedicated my days off to at least 6 hours of writing/editing. I was addicted to the story and couldn't wait to get it out to the world!

~How do you hope this book affects its readers?

               I have found my peace with my faith and in believing that the world will provide for me what I need, when I need it. I see so many people hurting; trying to force their lives to fit what they want. There is beauty in taking life in stride. Jenny flipped back and forth with her faith, like most people, and Alex didn't have faith in anything outside of himself. To be able to bring these two characters into impactful events and see them grow allowed me to hope that in some way the story would reach an audience that was ready to take a chance to step into faith, throw their hands up, and say "What will be, will be." To have readers challenge themselves to take a new look at their lives and find ways in which they can challenge themselves to be open to new ways or ideas of living.

~What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

             Write! Daily if possible. Set time aside, make it a priority. Don't think of the project as a whole, but break it down to today's work and all of a sudden you'll have the beginnings to great material. Believe in yourself, if you don't who will?

~What’s the best thing about being a writer?

            Starting with a blank screen and head full of ideas. Then I create a storyline built around the ideas and discover where the characters lead me. What I thought I knew would happen, all of sudden becomes something greater than I knew. I create the characters, but allow them to develop themselves. Pure excitement and creativity!

2014 Cristen Farrell Photography

2014 Cristen Farrell Photography

During the Fall




During the Fall...An Inspirational love story in which two people struggle to find their way to have faith and learn to trust  


 Jenny Parker is an optimistic person that’s full of life. She enjoys  helping  others and dedicates her weekends working as a tutor helping children. She dreams of the day when she will meet the perfect man and have a family of her own.   

Alex Murphy is a typical high school athlete, focused on playing sports and being the best competitor. He believes he has control over his life and his achievements; he has high expectations of himself to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps in becoming a professional hockey player.   

A chance meeting between the two in their high school cafeteria, sets their lives on a path neither saw coming. Jenny’s dreams could be coming true but Alex is torn between love and ideas of his future.   

Jenny trusts that life will lead her where she needs to go but her dependency towards Alex grows deeper with every passing year. He has been with her throughout most of her life and she couldn’t imagine living without him. When Jenny starts believing Alex is going to die, her emotions grow out of control and she lives with the fear of losing the only man she’s ever loved. Her fears quickly become overshadowed by a tragedy no one couldn't have imagined.   

Alex’s controlling nature is threatened when he is compelled to mature as he learns he isn’t in control of everything. He begins to see how life can flourish if you allow it to.   

This is an emotional tale about how life can force you to grow when you least expect it. This provocative story will fill your heart with the belief that you can survive the most unforeseen and intense moments when you learn to trust. 


 Jenny and Alex are high school sweethearts intertwined in an idyllic romance that spans several decades. Their journey carries them through unexpected trials that challenge the security and the very foundation of their relations ever loved quickly become overshadowed by a tragedy she couldn't have imagined.   This is an emotional tale about how life can force you to grow when you least expect it. This provocative story will fill your heart with the belief that you can survive the most unforeseen and intense moments when you learn to trust.

Steady as You Go

~Three lives are forever changed when fate intervenes~


        ~Steady as You Go

    a story of loss, rediscovery, and accepting a new chance in life   


 As a young girl, Maggie’s world was shattered by the unexpected death of her father. When she meets Tim in college, Maggie realizes that his cautious lifestyle was exactly what she is seeking.
   Tim loves protecting his wife and sheltering her from life's pains, but he soon finds that life has a tendency to disrupt even the best intentions when their carefully planned future is turned upside down after they receive startling news.  
   Will is mending a broken heart after the woman he loved leaves him. When a chance encounter with Tim develops into a treasured friendship, Will finds himself drawn into the struggles of Tim’s life, as Tim and Maggie grapple with the realization that their life will never be the same.  
   As time slips away for Tim, he knows Will is his only chance to keep Maggie safe and provide her with the security she craves, but Maggie is torn about letting her guard down with the type of man who yearns for adventure. Could it be in Will’s destiny to open his heart to love one more time?